The word Crixa is Lapin for crossroads.  Lapin is the rabbit language invented by Richard Adams for his famous novel, Watership Down.

Taking inspiration from its namesake, Crixa Labs  pushes, pokes, prods and blends at the crossroads of gaming genres and innovation. Crixa Labs is ready to put our unique spin on traditional genres, blending and bending gameplay from different sources to create fresh experiences.

Our games are always unique, but with a focus on fun gameplay above all else.

It is our profound hope that when you play our games, you'll find yourself  saying  "there's nothing quite like it anywhere else."


About Us

Crixa Labs is a fully independent developer and publisher of video and tabletop games. We take pride in not being beholden to investors or publishers. This arrangement is only made possible by the funding and sales from our customers.

This means Crixa Labs is responsible only to our own creative vision, and to you, the gamer.


Crixa Labs is fully supported by crowd funding from gamers.

We use incremental funding milestones to fund our projects in small steps called milestones. This unique approach ensures that we are responsible and accountable to our customers. Instead of funding a game and waiting years to see any results, backers can evaluate our progress as we go along. Incidentally, this is the same system that major publishers use to keep games on track, on quality and on budget.

We feel customers should have the same visibility and developer accountability as publishers.

Crixa Labs believes in strong communication and ties to our gaming community.

We regularly communicate on our forums and Discord chat room at all levels of the company. We've been very grateful for the support and feedback from all our customers.

Our strong community program also means that the community are directly helping make our games a success. Members have created add-ons to improve our websites, increase our communication and even contribute ideas to our games directly.

Mark Kern

Creative Director

The vision behind our games is from Mark Kern, our Creative Director.

As Crixa Labs is a small studio, Mark can be directly involved with all aspects of production from design, art, and code. It is this direct connection between Creative Director and audience that gives our games that personal touch.

Mark is an accomplished game maker, having served as CEO for Firefall, Team Lead of World of Warcraft (vanilla), and Producer on Diablo 2, Starcraft and Starcraft: Broodwar. We hope you will enjoy his future games here at Crixa Labs.

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