Omniframes - Fast and Agile

Build and customize your Omniframes

Light Omniframe

Suited for stealth, sniper and engineering tasks. Light omniframes can be customized for loadouts ranging from support to rapid strike, and covert operations.

Standard Omniframe

Flexible with well-rounded, multi-role capabilities. Standard omniframes have the option to duel wield weapons. They retain high mobility while providing firepower and protection.

Heavy Omniframe

The only omniframe that can equip shields. Heavy omniframes can soak up plenty of damage. With their large power cores, they have access to devastating heavy weapons.

Your Kaiju Busting Mech

Jetpacks. Gliding & Guns

A Reaper's best friend. Strap into your omniframe, a sleek and agile mech suit. Equipped with jump-jets, it can engage larger Kaiju by jetting up to fight them face to face, and attack their vulnerable areas. The omniframe's wings also allow it to glide long distances to reach the frontlines quickly and efficiently.

Fast and agile, these mech move with grace and fluidity. A transparent force field protects the pilot at all times, while allowing him an unrestricted view of the battlefield.

Omniframes can be equipped with a variety of handheld weapons, shoulder mounted weapons, and integrated abilities to give them unique capabilities. These weapons and abilities are all crafted by the player, allowing immense customization for combat roles and play-styles.

Hard Driver Mode

While all pilots are protected by transparent force fields, some pilots prefer a fully covered appearance. Hard Driver mode allow you to toggle an armored shell over your character to enclose you completely in your omniframe.

Build, Customize, Collect

Use unique color scheme, patterns and decals to customize your omniframe's appearance. Purchase visual upgrades to replace head, wings, jets, shoulder, lower arms and thigh plates. Build what you want, collect as many as you like.

Build Your Own
- A Gearhead's Dream -

Build and collect omniframes, wrench on them like cars. Switch out hydraulics, power cores, wings, jet engines, sensor arrays and more to suit your unique playstyle or combat role.

Craft your handheld weapons, shoulder mount weapons and even special abilities. Want ECM countermeasure jamming? Craft it. Ion Pulse Wave attack? Craft it.

Build along three distinct paths: light, standard and heavy. The base frame will determine what options are available. Each frametype also has its own signature game mechanic. Heavy omniframes store incoming kintetic and energy weapon damage and converts it to offensive power.

Choose what you want for abilities and weapons and create your own unique loadouts. Name them and share it with others.


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