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Last Saturday we had our second Chief Chat on our Discord chat server. This time we recorded it in case you missed it! I go over: Omniframe details THMPR specifics General meta gameplay Nuclear weapons Check it out:

THMPR Animations!

Here we go! We just got the first batch of animations in for the THMPR needed for the art demo. These were done by hand in Maya by our new talented team members: Homonz! and Mihu.  “Myles” worked on Gears of War 4, and did all the animations you see here. Mihu is our rigger,

Omniframe Gameplay Systems

Welcome to the draft spec of the Omniframe system. This article will be part of the vision book that will be finalized and delivered to backers in printed and PDF form. We’re sharing these early concepts and ideas to get feedback and catch errors. Please note, however, that any armchair design (including ours) is unlikely

Steps to Art Demo: Update

Just a small update this week as we’re still in the middle of some fairly large tasks. We are in the THIRD ROUND of the “nickname the Tsi-Hu” contest. Ronyn has posted voting details here. THMPR animations have started. We’re doing a walk cycle, idle, emote and drilling. For the curious, we use Maya to

We’re back for another update! First up is concept art by Warren Lou, which doubles as some pin-up art…perhaps recruiting for Reaper teams. The art shows what geesuits looks like. Geesuits are the survival suits that allow Gatestriders to withstand the harsher gravity and temperatures of their homeworld. They are filled with circulatory systems and

3D Printing and THMPR update

Just a short update. Last week we did the lore drop, and this week we started to figure out how to do a 3D print of the THMPR. The THMPR is a very complicated model, from a printing perspective. There are many undercuts and bridges, places where the printer has to build support structures. These

Lore Drop – Em-8ER

*CHIEF CHAT AT 2PM PST, SAT, FEB 25TH ON DISCORD. Ask your questions about the lore!* Introduction Welcome to the world of Ember, or as star charts designate it, Em-8ER (“E-M-Eight-E-R”). The planet is a newly discovered world, one of hundreds found since the invention of D-shift gates. Prior to D-shift gates, humankind was spread

We promised an art demo exe of the THMPR on a plain white background. As a extra bonus, we decided to create some sample terrain to go along with it. Em-8ER is a icy/volcanic world. Volcanoes with lava flows exist next to freezing snow and ice. The idea was inspired by the moon Io, which

If you even bought an original Firefall founders’ pack or signed up to play Firefall prior to 2015, We’d like to offer you a full credit on Em-8ER. You can verify your founder status here: You can also read more about why Mark Kern is doing this over at The Em-8ER team recognizes

THMPR Modeling Complete

Joe has finished up the THMPR “thumper” model for the game! It came out really nicely and we’re excited to share the results with you. The model you see here is being rendered in real-time in the Unreal Engine. We use a texturing/material technique called PBR or Physically Based Rendering to make materials like metal

December Update

Hello everyone. I wanted to give you a 2016 recap of past achievements and an update on Em-8ER. Holidays have slowed things down, but we’re still making progress. Here is what we’ve accomplished so far and what we are planning for the near future: Low poly THMPR model complete. Joe has finished work on the

The Em-8ER team is very pleased to welcome Etiakor as our lead server programmer. Etiakor previously worked as a developer on the World of Warcraft emulated server, Nostalrius, where he programmed many of the boss and raid encounters. Prior to joining the Nostalrius team, Etiakor was working on his own emulated version of WoW’s servers.

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Happy Halloween Update

Just for fun, for Halloween Tommaso drew a costume for the Omniframe. “Neko-frame” is a cute, pink Omniframe with cat tail, paws and ears. It’s perfect for candy gathering missions this Halloween! While this isn’t a real frame design (except, perhaps, as a cosmetic option? Would you like one?), the frame does highlight that we’ve

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EM-8ER Update – October

Hello Emberites! Two things with this update. First, I wanted to say it’s been an incredible blast to be working on the game. I’m so excited about the setting (Massive Planetary Warfare), the Kaiju theme, the art direction, and the incredible new tools for game development. It’s all thanks to you, and I’m super grateful

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Community Spotlight – Xeevis

Salutations Reapers. Today is the first in a series of blogs called Community Spotlights. These will be short and sweet introductions to our fellow community members. Say hello to the first brave soul to have a light shined on him, Xeevis. He is our valiant volunteer who helps with add-ons, various necessitates and indulgences to

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Wow! What an impressive second fundraiser for EM-8ER (Ember, our massive planetary wargame). Final stats are: 467% Funded $23,353 Raised of $5000 goal Fully funded in 25 hours 300 Backers Twice the backers of last milestone

Developer Insights – Joe Solo

Greetings Reapers, today we have the very first in a series of interviews called Developer insights. In this blog I will be speaking with various people from the gaming industry. Picking their brain a little bit about what they do and how they do it. Today I am pleased to announce that we have the

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We’ve reached over 20k in funding! To celebrate, we’re releasing a new image for the design book. It’s THMPR vs Kaiju, the creature that will attack the THMPR when it returns to base during your escort. You’ll have to help it fight off this big beastie as you escort your THMPR back to base. (post-KS

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The Path to Playable Mockup

It’s been a swift and incredible journey to go from a humble petition to reboot Firefall (and create a new, unique style of multiplayer game), to a over 600% fundraiser, a website, forums, concept art and thousands more signatures. The fans have shown incredible support for creating an MMO that never got a chance to


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