T.H.M.P.R. - Autonomous Mining Mech

Transportable Humanoid Mining & Processing Robot


More than a tool, a comrade in arms.

Big as an 18 wheeler, the THMPR drops from the sky at your command and ready to mine. Equipped with a massive hammer drill, it bores through the mantel of Em-8ER, extracting rare time-ore, phase-locked just beneath the surface.

It's a partnership. Protect your mech. His mining will attract hordes of local xenos and perhaps even the deadly, shapeshifting Tsi-hu. As a wildcatting Reaper, you know you can push it. But don't push it too far. The longer you mine, the rarer and richer the resources. Take it too far and the THMPR could be overwhelmed and destroyed, losing everthing. It's up to you, and your skill, to decide just how far to go.

When the haul is ready, its time for THMPR to deliver it to the nearest refinery. Trailing xenos and attracting more, its your job to protect him as he bounds rapidly to his destination. If you're lucky, you'll avoid the Tsi-hu's enslaved and perpetually enraged Kaiju, giant monsters that can rend your THMPR limb from limb. THMPR fights alongside you, grappling with the enemy as you both race back to safety.

When you finally reach it, the refinery defenses do the rest, mopping up what's left of the ravenous horde that pursued you. Now its time to refine your ore and see just how rich you became today. THMPR smiles and gives the thumbs up, and you know at that moment: It was worth it.

Mine Resources

Em-8ER is a planet lost in time. Rare resources phase in and out of time in a raw state called "time-ore." Detect and gather time-ore to refine it into rare resources. What resources spawn and where is fully dynamic, determined by geography, time and terraforming stage of the zone.


Each zone in Em-8ER can be terraformed. Starting in an icy volcanic state, players combine efforts to contribute resources to terraform the zone. Each stage unlocks new and rarer resources to mine. The zone will switch in stages from barren icy rock to lush landscapes.

Build Refineries

Use resources to build refineries to process time-ore into rare elements. The more refineries players build in a zone, the closer and safer the THMPR runs become. Protect your refineries from rampaging Tsi-hu led Kaiju or risk having them destroyed. Improve automated defenses by investing resources into refinery upgrades.


Fight alongside your THMPR as you escort it back to base. Watch it grapple giant Kaiju, and jump into the fray help your THMPR get the edge over his opponent. During invasions, call down your THMPR to help wage war against the Tsi-hu and protect your bases and refineries.


Nearly everything in Em-8ER is crafted from the resources you collect. Build THMPRs, customize your Omniframe battlesuits, and build your weapons. Contribute resources to world goals, or use them to establish bases and refineries throughout the planet.


Personalize your THMPR with customs skins and decals. Make it your own and style it how you like. Your THMPR has a personality with its light-up LCD panel face. Add to its personality with custom emoticon facial expressions and emotes.

Watch the in-engine video of the THMPR

Current Status

The low poly model and materials are COMPLETE! Now moving on to build the Omniframe and to rig the THMPR for animation.


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